Postgraduate Physics Students’ Society

An academic and social group that brings students together and gives them a voice in the School of Physics.

The Postgraduate Physics Students’ Society (PPSS) is an academic and social group within the School of Physics (SoP), funded by the University of Melbourne Student Union and the Graduate Students’ Association. Our role lies mainly in giving research students in the SoP a representative voice in the decision making processes, and in organising social events for professional and academic staff, and students.

Our Committee

President: Innes Bigaran
Secretary: Julian Carlin
Treasurer: Maddy zurowski
Activities Officer: Greg Peiris
Publications Officer: Greg White

SoP Committee Representatives

We have representatives on each of the main SoP committees, who report back on matters of interest to the Postgraduate community.

Health and Safety: Maddy Zurowski
Knowledge and Engagement: Bill Dix
Academic Programs: Bill Dix
Research and Research Training: Innes Bigaran
Equity and Diversity: Cate MacQueen

Club Aims

  1. To enhance the academic and professional life of School of Physics Postgraduate Students.
  2. To encourage social interaction of students within the School.
  3. To co-ordinate representation of School of Physics Postgraduate Students on School committees and to represent School of Physics Postgraduate Students to the Science Faculty and University.
  4. To support School of Physics Postgraduate Students during their time in the School.

Also keep your eye out for advertisement for our calendar highlights: the annual Trivia Night, and Pool Competition— among other fun stuff!