Wa-7 Speed of Sound


To demonstrate that the speed of sound can be measured by transmitting a pulse of sound down a long pipe.


  • Horn Loud Speaker
  • Signal Generator with Pulse Capabilty
  • PA Amplifier
  • CRO
  • 50m of Agriculture Pipe
  • 2 Electret Microphones
  • T Piece

Speed of Sound Speed of Sound 2


With a horn loud speaker place at one end the Agriculture pipe along with a T piece and microphone. The other microphone is place at the other end of the Agriculture pipe which approximately 50m in length. Using the pulse function of the signal generator, a pulse of sound is sent down the pipe. With the microphone connected to the CRO, the microphone connected to the T piece should receive the pulse of sound before the other microphone. The speed of sound can be determined from the CRO by measuring the time between pulses and the length of pipe. The time can be accurately measured on the CRO by using the cursor function.