Wa-3 The Ripple Tank


To demonstrate wave phenomena using a ripple tank.


  • Ripple tank
  • Accessories

Pasco Ripple Tank 2 Pasco Ripple Tank 1 Single Slit Inteference 1 Single Slit Inteference 2 Two Source Inteference Pasco Two Source inteference Refraction Ripple Tank

Ripple Tank Setup and Wave Formations.


The familiar ripple tank utilises ripples on a water surface to demonstrate the properties of waves. It consists of a shallow dish of water, with a transparent base. An electrically operated vibrator dips into the water surface and generates the ripples. Various objects may be placed in front of the source and single or double prongs may be attached to the dipper to simulate two source interference. There are three ripple tanks available; the Griffen, IEC and Pasco.