Wb-4 The Chladni-Vibrating Plate


To demonstrate the Chladni figures i.e. the vibration modes of thin plates


  • Chladni clamp
  • Chladni plates
  • Violin bow
  • Resin
  • Salt
  • T.V camera and monitor

Chladni Plate Diagram

Chladni Plate Diagram.


The plate is firmly clamped to a suitable surface (trolley ) and a quantity of salt is sprinkled over the plate, making sure it covers the whole plate. The violin bow or other suitable instrument is then applied to the plate. With a little practice several modes of vibration can be achieved. Practice is required to obtain suitable figures from the bowed Chladni and it is recommended that only a small quantity of salt be used to ensure sharp, distinct nodal patterns. There is also available a bow constructed from stout fishing line and a hacksaw frame which is more robust and can better withstand any mistreatment.