Wb-1 The Melde' Experiment


To demonstrate standing waves on a string.


  • Motor with eccentric cam
  • Light string 2 meter length
  • 100 gm weight
  • D.C. Power Pack
  • Pulley on stand
  • Black backing cloth
  • Retort stands
  • UV Fluorescent Tubes

Melde Diagram Melde 1 Melde 2 Melde 3 Melde 4

Melde's Experiment Setup and Standing Wave Formations.


A light string approximately 2 metres in length is connected to a motor driven eccentric cam. The string passes over a pulley and is attached to a 100 gm. weight. A black cloth may be placed behind the string to aid visibility. As the speed of the motor is increased standing waves are observed. It is possible to obtain 6 or 7 modes and with the aid of a stroboscope the string motion can be frozen for analysis.