Oi-1 Fluorescence


To demonstrate fluorescence: i.e. Certain excited atoms will emit a photon of lower energy than the incident photon that caused the transition. If the process takes place rapidly (< 10 ^-7 sec) it is called Fluorescence.


  • U.V light source
  • OMO (Washing Detergent)
  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Uncoated fluorescent tube
  • Fluorescent minerals
  • Uranium glass
  • Fluorescene

Fluorescence (1) Fluorescence (2) Fluorescence (3)

Fluorescent Tubes Apparatus.


Various materials are available that fluoresce under the action of the strong ultraviolet source.

These include

  • OMO (Washing Detergent)
  • Uranium glass
  • Fluorescene
  • Minerals
  • Fluorescent plastic
  • Fluorescent powder

There is also a set of tubes that illustrate the action of fluorescent discharge tubes: these are

  1. Uncoated Mercury discharge tube
  2. Mercury discharge tube half coated with white fluorescent powder
  3. Fluorescent tubes coated with fluorescent powders
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Fluorescent powder representing different colour temperatures