Na-2 Nuclear Chain Reaction


To demonstrate a model of a nuclear chain reaction.


  • Electronic Chain Reaction Apparatus
  • Table Tennis Balls

Nuclear Fission

Electronic Chain Reaction Apparatus.


A nuclear chain reaction is modelled here via an electronic lattice of capacitor/solenoid units. Capacitor/Solenoid Unit comprises of a capacitor and two solenoids. The solenoid has the capacity to shoot an orange table tennis ball. The white table tennis ball has swizzle stick inserted in it. If an orange ball lands on a white ball, the swizzle stick makes contact with the capacitor, causing the solenoids to shoot 2 orange balls. The Capacitor/Solenoid Unit (1white ball and 2 orange balls) represents a Uranium 235 nucleus. When Uranium 235 receives a stray neutron, it splits releasing excess neutrons. These excess neutrons have the ability to cause another nucleus to split. Thus, causing a chain reaction as represented by the increasing rate of orange table tennis balls being fired.


Safety Notes

Nuclear Chain Reaction SOP-10