Na-1 Nuclear Chain Reaction


To demonstrate a model of a nuclear chain reaction .


  • Mouse Trap Boards
  • Wooden Blocks

Chain Reaction

Nuclear Chain Reaction Apparatus.


A nuclear chain reaction is modelled here via a lattice of 246 mouse traps each able to release two blocks of wood "neutrons". A mousetrap has two blocks of wood loaded on it. A mousetrap with two blocks of wood represents an Uranium 235 nucleus. The two blocks of wood represent two neutrons. When Uranium 235 receives a stray neutron, it splits releasing excess neutrons. These excess neutrons have the ability to cause another nucleus to split. Thus, causing a chain reaction as represented by the increasing rate of blocks of wood being fired. The traps are set up next to a wall to maximise the possibility of any neutrons rebounding and initiating more neutron releases.


Safety Notes

Nuclear Chain Reaction  SOP-9