Mi-11 Conservation of Angular Momentum


To demonstrate the conservation of angular momentum with the redistribution of mass, with respect to a person sitting of rotating stool.


  • Rotating Stool
  • Dumb Bells (1-2Kg)
  • Bicycle Wheel
  • Bicycle Wheel Spinner

Conservation of Angular Momentum 1 Conservation of Angular Momentum 2

Conservation of Angular Momentum 3


ΣLi=ΣLf is the equation for the conservation of angular moment, where the angular momentum is given by L=mvr. When a person is sitting on a rotating stool with dumb bells, with arms stretched out. When an external force is given to the person, the person will begin to rotate a constant speed. If the person pulls in the dumb bells to their chest, they will begin to rotate faster. Similarly, if they stretch their arms out, they will begin to rotate slower. From the equation L=mvr, mass m is constant, radius r is varied when the dumb bells are stretched out or pulled in, hence velocity v increases or decrease when r decreases or increases respectively.

A person sitting on a stationary rotating stool is handed a rotating bicycle wheel. When the person changes the direction of the rotating bicycle wheel, will begin  to rotate. Flipping the bicycle wheel 180° will cause the person to rotate in the opposite direction.