Ma-7 Vector Addition


To demonstrate concept of force can be broken down into direction components of vectors. Consequently, the addition of force can also be described in terms of direction vectors.


  • Pasco Force Sensor
  • Laptop Computer
  • Capstone Software
  • Pulleys
  • Weights(1-2Kg)
  • Perspex Cradle Protractor

Vector Addition 1 Vector Addition 2

Vector Addition 1 Labeled


The Pasco Force Sensor is placed in the centre of the Perspex Cradle Protractor. The Pasco Force Sensor measures force in 0°-0° direction in the above right-hand photograph. Any force applied in the 90°-90° direction will not register with Force Sensor.  A number of pulleys are place in position around the Perspex Cradle Protractor, ideally at 0°,30°, 45°, 60°, 90°.  The force sensor can measure up to ±50N in either direction. When a 1Kg weight is placed along the 0°, a reading of 10N should be displayed on the laptop. Placing the 1Kg weight at the different angles 0°-90°, will see a reduction in Force Sensor reading.

It will be F=WCOSθ

Where W is the weight in newtons

θ is the angle from the 0°-0° line

F is the directional force of the Force Sensor on the 0°-0° line

With the addition of other weights, depending on the position in the Perspex Cradle Protractor. Will see a resultant force along the 0°-0° line displayed on the laptop.


Safety Notes

Vector Addition SOP-52