Ma-6 Pascars Position, Velocity and Acceleration


To demonstrate concept of position, velocity and acceleration in terms of vectors.


  • Pascar Track
  • Blue Tooth Pascars
  • Magnetic Bars
  • Laptop Computer
  • Capstone Software

Pascars Position Time 1 Pascars Position Time 2

Pascars Position Velocity 2 Pascars Position Velocity Acceleration 2

Pascars Position Time 1 Label


The position of a Blue Tooth Pascar can tracked with the use of a Laptop computer and Capstone software. When the record icon is pressed on Capstone, wherever the Pascar is situated is considered, to be the origin. Best to start the Pascar at the end of the track. With a position vs time graph the path of the Pascar will be recorded.  When the graph is analysed it can be determine whether the Pascar is moving, accelerating, etc. Additional graphs of velocity and acceleration can be produced by Capstone for further analysis of the recorded event.


Safety Notes

Pascar, Position, Velocity Acceleration SOP-38