He-13 Gas Laws


To demonstrate Gas Law Equations using Balloons and Liquid Nitrogen.


  • Balloons
  • Cylindrical Esky
  • Liquid Nitrogen
  • Wooden Tongs

Gas Laws 1 Gas Laws 3

DESCRIPTION: The demonstration consists of placing semi inflated balloon into a cylindrical esky. The balloons are inflated so that just fit inside the cylindrical esky. Normally only 2 balloons will only fit inside the esky. By placing 1 balloon in the esky and then pouring liquid Nitrogen on the balloon, the balloon will shrink dramatically. Place another a balloon and repeat the process. It is possible to fit 10 plus balloons into the esky.

Removing the balloons from the esky, will see the balloons return to the original size prior to being cooled by liquid Nitrogen.

The Gas Laws are

Boyle’s Law

Gas Law Equation 1

Charle’s Law

Gas Law Equation 2

Gay-Lussac’s Law

Gas Law Equation 3

Ideal Gas Law

Gas Law Equation 4

Where P is Pressure

V is Volume

T is Temperature

n is number of moles gas

R is Universal Gas Constant

By immersing the balloons in liquid Nitrogen and observing the behaviour.

The above gas laws can be demonstrated.


Safety Notes

Gas Laws SOP-37