He-12 Galton Board Bi-Nomial Distribution


To demonstrate that a Bi-Nomial Distribution can occur after number of random events.


  • Galton Board
  • 200 Ball Bearings

Galton Board


The Galton Board consists of an array of wooden pegs in a triangular pattern with a series of vertical bins at the bottom to collect ball bearings. If one ball bearing is dropped down the array of wooden pegs. When it hits the first peg it has a 50% chance to be deflected to the left or right. Similarly, it has a 50% chance of being deflected left or right every peg it strikes while travelling down the peg array. There are 20 horizontal rows of pegs in the Galton Board. The ball bearing has a seemingly equal chance of landing in any of the 22 vertical bins. When 200 ball bearings a dropped down the Galton Board, more often than not a Bi-Nomial Distribution pattern is produced in the vertical bins.


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Safety Notes

Galton Board Bi-nomial Distribution SOP-17