Fa-6 Hydraulic Press Syringes


To demonstrate that mechanical advantage can be obtained from utilising the pressure applied to a fluid.


  • 4 Syringes of Different Diameter
  • Silicon Tubing
  • Water

Hydraulic Press Syringes

Hydraulic Press Syringes Apparatus


The equation of pressure being applied to a fluid is given

by the equation

Hydraulic Press Equation 1

When we have a 2 Syringe system

The equation applies

Hydraulic Press Equation 2

Where F1 is the Force applied to syringe 1 with an area A1 with radius R1

F2 is the Force applied to syringe 2 with an area A2 with radius R2

The area of a syringe is given by the equation A=πr2

The equation can be rewritten

Hydraulic Press Equation 3

Depending on the ratio of the radii of the syringes, the force applied to one

syringe can greatly magnify the resultant force applied to second syringe.