Fa-5 Pressure of Fluid Height Independent of Width


To demonstrate that the pressure of a liquid varies with the depth and does depend on the shape of the vessel.


  • 2 Different Size Cylinders Apparatus
  • Beaker of water and red dye
  • XPlorer GLX Interface
  • 2 Pressure Sensors

Pressure vs. Height 1 Pressure vs. Height 2

Pressure of Fluid Height Independent of Width Apparatus


The apparatus consists of a stand with two different diameter tubes with a pressure gauge attached to the bottom to each of them. The big tube has a diameter 5 times greater than the small tube. The tubes can be filled with dyed water. When the depth of dyed water is equal in the tubes, the pressure readings of the tube will be equal. Even though the volume of water is much greater in the bigger tube. This clearly demonstrates the pressure of the fluid depends on the height but not the volume.