Eb-3 Faraday's Wheel


To demonstrate the production of a continuous current (D.C.) by means of electromagnetic induction.


  • Faraday's wheel apparatus
  • Mercury from chemical cupboard
  • Demonstration galvanometer or
  • Electronic galvanometer
  • A.C. motor and P.V.C. tubing

Faradays Wheel

Faraday's Wheel


Faraday's wheel consists of a disc capable of rotation about a horizontal axis. The disc rotates between the poles of a strong permanent magnet. Connections are made to the rim of the disc and the axle by aid of perspex cups containing mercury into which the discs A and B make contact.

The galvanometer is connected to the cups and the disc is spun by the connection of a small length of P.V.C. tubing between the axle and the A.C. motor. The variac controls the speed of the motor.