July Lectures in Physics

Every Friday in July since 1968 the July Lectures in Physics have been informing and entertaining the public - each year, eminent University of Melbourne and visiting physicists present historical and up-to-the-minute perspectives on a current topic in physics. See upcoming July Lectures here, and view our archives below.


Dr Suzie Sheehy: Working across boundaries: Insights from the pioneers of nuclear and quantum physics

Associate Professor Duane Hamacher: Indigenous Astronomy, Science and Truth-Telling

Dr Elizabeth Hinde: The Physical Architecture of Biology

Professor Geoffrey Taylor: How International Collaboration enables Fundamental Physics Breakthrough

Professor David Jamieson: Ahead of their time – Revolutionary discoveries in Physics made too soon


Professor David Jamieson: Physics of life: what do the laws of physics say?

Professor Harry Quiney: Molecule of life: imaging life's machinery

Dr Suzie Sheehy: Ion beams for cancer therapy: new technologies for treating inoperable tumours

Professor James McCaw: Physics of epidemics: helping to keep us safe

Dr Katie Auchettl: The elements of life: from supernovae to planets


Professor Emeritus Anthony Klein: The physics of the Apollo Moon mission in 1969: Do astronauts obey Kepler’s laws?

26 July 2019

Dr Helen Brand: Shining a light on Solar system geology

19 July 2019

Associate Professor Roger Rassool: Oxygen in Physics: From the Moon to the FREO2 project

12 July 2019

Professor David Jamieson: Physics and the Moon - The double planet: the physics of the earth-moon system

5 July 2019


David Simpson: Quantum Mechanics and Biology: What are the Prospects?

Associate Professor Nicole Bell: The Rise of Cosmology and Particle Physics

Dr Matthew Dolan: The Legacy of Stephen Hawking and the Prospects for the Great Reconciliation

13 July 2018

Professor David Jamieson: The Arrow of Time

6 July 2018


Associate Professor Martin SeviorAntimatter in space: the Alpha spectrometer on the international space station and the cosmological implications

28 July 2017

Dr Michele Trenti: The promise of nanosatellites: getting the University of Melbourne’s fast response telescope into space

21 July 2017

Dr Katie Mack: Humans in space: what are the human impacts of space travel and living on other planets?

14 July 2017

Professor David Jamieson: Methods for reaching extremely high speeds: what are the prospects for fast trips to the stars?

7 July 2017


Professor Stuart Wyithe: Einstein’s Gravity - Black Holes, Dark Matter and Gravitational Lensing

29 July 2016

Professor Elisabetta Barberio: Dark Matter and Gravity - Searching for missing mass at Stawell gold mine

22 July 2016

Professor Matthew Bailes: Pulsars - Nature's naturally occurring gravitational laboratories

15 July 2016

Professor Andrew Melatos

8 July 2016

Professor David Jamieson

1 July 2016


Professor Ann Roberts: Light and matter - Bending light waves for new technology

31 July 2015

Professor Stuart Wyithe: Distant light - Reading the signals from the oldest light in the Universe

24 July 2015

Dr Meg Urey: Prospecting with light - The search for supermassive black holes in galaxies

17 July 2015

Professor Ken Crozier: Nanoscale light - The surprising world of optical nanostructures

10 July 2015

Professor David Jamieson: Understanding Light - from the Arab scholars of the 11th C to Maxwell and Einstein

3 July 2015

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