Physics Outreach

The School of Physics engages in outreach activities directed at secondary schools, the general public, our alumni and friends as well as the wider physics' communities.

  MUPPETS laser show for the community at Mildura
MUPPETS laser show for the community at Mildura

  • About us

    Programs run by the School include:

    • in-school and on-campus demonstration lectures for primary and secondary schools (MUPPETS, WARP).
    • enrichment studies for secondary school students (Physics VCE Lectures)
    • resources for science teachers
    • Telescopes in Schools
      run by the Astrophysics Group in partnership with the ARC Centre of Excellence for All-Sky Astrophysics, Quantum Victoria and Melbourne Planetarium
    • Growing Tall Poppies
      addressing gender inequity in the areas of Science Technology Engineering & Maths (STEM).

    Programs run by the University include:

    • University of Melbourne Extension Program (UMEP) in which secondary students may take 1st year university level Physics subjects. More details on the UMEP program..
  • Contact us

    If you would like to contact us regarding a School trip, or borrowing equipment, or anything Physics related, please don't hesitate to email

  • Teachers

    Each year the School hosts an In-service day for secondary science/physics teachers. It is designed to keep them aware of developments in physics research and to assist them in keeping them informed regarding the current VCE physics syllabus. Spaces are normally limited so it is best to register as soon as possible at

    Laby VCE Physics Teachers' Grant

    The Laby Foundation is offering grants with the aim of building capacity in physics teaching across Victoria, specifically targeting (but not solely limited to) disadvantaged and rural schools. The grants are available to help fund teachers to attend the Focus on Physics In-Service event.

    We invite applications from interested schools/teachers. Funding up to $500 per school is available, depending on circumstances. Funds are to cover registration fee and CRT cost. The number of grants are limited and will be assessed in the order they are received.

    Provide your case for sponsorship (a substantiated statement) based on the following selection priorities:

    • Geographical and/or socio-economic disadvantage
    • Access to high-quality professional learning in order to strengthen capacity in teaching physics
    • Low uptake of science subjects at VCE level, particularly physics, and/or low science profile in the school
    • Other disadvantage identified by applicant.

    Complete and submit the online application form, which includes your response to the selection priorities. Your statement addressing one or more of the selection priorities must be concise, totalling no more than 500 words. We are looking for key factors supporting your application, with brief substantiation (e.g. school data, web address to evidence, clear statement of fact). A letter advising of the outcome of the grant will be sent to applicants. Successful applicants will be advised how to arrange payment of funding (CRT and/or travel costs only) which will be paid after the event. Registrations close on 17 November.

  • Work Experience

    Each year we host more than 20 Year 10 secondary school students to do work experience with us. During the week in late June, the students attend talks, conduct experiments and collaborate on a small research project, which is presented on the last day. The students get a small taste of university life both as a student and as an academic, with the opportunity to speak to research students and academics about their work and how they came to this stage in their career.

    More Information…

    Applications for this popular program can be made through the Faculty of Science webpage. Applications open in early February and close mid-March each year. All enquiries can be made to

  • VCE Lectures

    Are you interested in a career in Science or Engineering? Eager to find out more about the world around you?

    You will find studying Physics a lot easier with these special lectures. They are based directly on the VCE Study Design, and presented by outstanding experts in the various areas.

    22 February – Associate Professor Martin Sevior

    15 March – Professor Andrew Melatos

    3 May – Professor David Jamieson
    Special Relativity  - Medley Theatre, Redmond Barry Building

    Lectures commence at 6 pm.

    It's free!

    Contact us directly at

  • Notes from Past Lectures

    Roger Rassool - Mechanics

    Jeff McCallum - Circular Motion

    Lachlan Thompson - Physics of Flight (Bernoulli)

    David Jamieson - Relativity - Additional Notes

    David Jamieson - Relativity

    Max Thompson - Energy from Nucleus

    Gary Egan - Physics and Medical Diagnosis

    Nick Nicola - All about electricity

    Alex Mazzolini - "Electronics and Photonics: our modern world."

    VCE relativity 2012

    Jeff McCullum: Electricity VCE lecture 2012

    Prof. Max Thompson -Materials, structures and fractures VCE Lectures 2013

    MNT 2013.pdf 2.61 MB