Faculty of Science School of Physics

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The School has research interests in the following areas:


Key Words

Advanced Smart Materials & Nanotechnology

diamond, semi-conductors, metamaterials, nanostructures, single photon sources, optical fibres, superconducting electronics, quantum devices, quantum dots

Astronomy & Astrophysics

observational and theoretical cosmology, active galactic nuclei & quasars, super-massive black-holes, gravitational lensing, dust, galaxies, groups & clusters, radio astronomy, solar system, gravitational waves, pulsars & supernova remnants, reionization of the Universe

Astroparticle Physics & Particle Cosmology

high energy astroparticle physics, particle cosmology, early universe, dark matter, neutrino astrophysics, baryogenesis and leptogenesis, quantum universe

Atomic Physics

quantum electrodynamics, x-ray interactions with matter, laser cooling of atoms, atomic coherence, atom optics

Biotechnology & Biophysics

imaging non-crystalline membrane proteins using coherent light sources from the Australian Synchrotron, laser physics, ARC Centre for Coherent X-ray Science

Characterisation & Analysis

ion beam lithography, nuclear microprobe, spectroscopy (atomic force, electron, Raman, X-ray, UV, nearfield, IR, fluorescence); refer also 'X-ray Physics' and 'Optical Physics & Imaging'


grid, Tier 2, terabyte dataset management, quantum computing, on-line data storage & archiving, quantum game theory

Condensed Matter Physics

atomic resolution imaging, electron spectroscopy, scattering, diffraction, novel states of condensed matter, Bose-Einstein condensates

Energy Systems

uranium, nuclear energy debate, climate change

Experimental Particle Physics

Large Hadron Collider, CERN, ATLAS & BELLE high energy physics programs, origin of mass, dark matter, dark energy, Standard Model, CP violation, supersymmetry, Higgs boson, silicon detector physics, grid computing

Foundations & Philosophy

quantum decoherence, quantum-to-classical transition, quantum measurement problem, interpretations of quantum mechanics, quantum probabilities, entanglement

Instrumentation Development

Positron Emission Topography (PET), high precision silicon pixel detectors, Australian Synchrotron, mammography, lasers, quantum computer, low frequency radio telescope, single photon source (see also MOGlabs Pty Ltd)

Medical & Neurosciences

Positron Emission Topography (PET), mammography, biomedical imaging technologies, Australian Synchrotron

Optical Physics & Imaging

Quantum and optical physics and imaging with lasers & x-rays; photonics, atomic resolution imaging, ARC Centre for Coherent X-ray Science, Australian Synchrotron

Origins of the Universe

Refer to 'Astronomy & Astrophysics', 'Experimental Particle Physics', 'Theoretical Particle Physics' entries

Theoretical Particle Physics

Big Bang, brane-worlds & extra-dimensional models, dark matter, extensions to the Standard Model, neutrino physics, early universe, astro-particle physics

Quantum Information Science

quantum computing, quantum decoherence, quantum game theory, quantum devices, qubits, cryptography, diamond, Quantum Communications Victoria

X-ray Physics

X-ray optics, diffraction, imaging & spectroscopy; X-ray free-electron laser (XFEL), X-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS), X-ray absorption near edge structure (XANES); Australian Synchrotron, ARC Centre for Coherent X-ray Science

Note: While there are no formal research programs in the areas of "Informatics, Bioinformatics & Systems Modeling", our graduates develop skills that enable them to work in these areas.

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