Postgraduate studies

MSc & Grad Dip Advanced


Associate Professor Jeff McCallum is the MSc and Grad Dip Advanced Coordinator
Email Administrative Officer for Research Higher Degree students.

PhD and MPhil


Dr David Simpson is the Postgraduate Coordinator
Email Administrative Officer for Research Higher Degree students.
Innes Bigaran is the 2017 president of the Postgraduate Physics Student Society (PPSS)

  • Confirmation & Supervisory Panel (CSP)
    1. Students are supervised solely or jointly by academic members of the department. Additionally, a CSP is set up within 6 weeks of commencement that oversees this process. The principal aim of the CSP is to support the student in his/her endeavour to complete a high quality research thesis in a timely fashion. It is the joint responsibility of student and supervisor(s) to ensure this occurs.
    2. Students should read the School CSP procedure on the School's intranet (refer Policies & Plans). To set up the CSP, please complete the form...
      CSP - Student registration form
    3. The CSP meets formally twice in the first year: at 6 months, to confirm research project, and at 12 months, for confirmation. This is followed by a follow up meeting at the end of second year. At the end of 6 months, students confirm their research project and fill out the form...
      CSP 6 month review
      At the end of 12 months, for confirmation to occur, a student needs to ensure that the following has been carried out:

      1. Select three members of Confirmation & Supervisory Panel in conjunction with your supervisor within six weeks of commencement.
      2. Satisfy the obligations for confirmation (discuss with your supervisor).
      3. Provide a short description to the CSP of your project at the time of confirmation.
      4. The SGR Confirmation Form is sent directly to the student 4 months prior to the confirmation due date – this form must be completed between 9 and 12 months after commencement.
  • Expectations and obligations
    1. Guidelines and regulations regarding student & supervisor obligations are outlined in SGR RhD handbooks.
    2. PhD students are expected to attend research group and GOSS seminars. These play an important role in developing and fostering the research culture of the School. Additionally, PhD Students are expected to present a 20 min talk for GOSS once in their candidature as well as a 1 hour seminar upon PhD completion. These seminars should be seen as a part of your development in communication and academic research skills.
    3. It is expected that postgraduates will continue demonstrating and also consider tutoring. For information on prospective tutors go to the demonstrators and tutors home page.
      For first-time demonstrators and prospective tutors, please register your interest on-line.
    4. Upon completion of thesis, please download the 'Exit Checklist' to ensure all paperwork concerning PhD candidature, research records, IT, email accounts, keys, refunds etc and any other obligations between the School and yourself have been met. Any belongings/computer files/email accounts left at the School after PhD submission (or after thesis candidature has lapsed), are deemed to remain the property of the School and may be disposed of/deactivated 4 months after thesis submission.
    5. It is expected that students follow the School's policy on Research Record Keeping relating to the retention of lab note books after completion of degree.
  • Resources, facilities, travel and opportunities
    1. There are opportunities to study, give talks, go on conferences and collaborate internationally within the PhD programs. A range of scholarship opportunities supports these activities, and advice for application can be provided by the principal supervisor and CSP members. More info...
    2. Postgraduate Physics Student Society (PPSS) is a postgraduate association run by and for postgrads.
  • More Information

    PPSS (Postgraduates Physics Student Society)
    GSA (University of Melbourne Graduate Students' Association)
    MSGR (Melbourne School of Graduate Research)