Physics Designed


Physics Designed

Medley Theatre 104
Redmond Barry Building


How can we create effective learning experiences that are engaging for contemporary physics students? I will discuss the development of a variety of original physics learning resources that have been shown to positively impact on students’ learning behaviours and attitudes. One example is “5-Minute Physics”, a comprehensive suite of online learning modules that make use of interactive simulations. Based on the principles of active learning, these resources have been developed through a conscious process. They are Physics, designed. As well as design in the realm of physics, I will discuss physics in the realm of design – how science is harnessed in art, in “physics-designed” pieces. Reflecting on my interdisciplinary experiences (particularly with art of metal and light), the physics involved in making a range of art objects will be analysed. This will include investigation of the creative process of international artist Robert Smithson. Analysis of such artefacts offers opportunities for unusual and intriguing physics learning experiences.


  • Dr Margaret Wegener
    Dr Margaret Wegener, University of Queensland