Facilities and equipment


The School houses a suite of premier research laboratories, instruments, facilities and equipment including:

  • a clean room complex equipped with advanced instrumentation for materials fabrication, characterisation and analysis including focused ion beam microscopes, UHV AFM/STM scanning probe system, UV Raman spectrometer, and a pulsed laser deposition system
  • a particle detector development and construction facility comprising clean rooms, precision wirebonder detector development, assembly and evaluation capabilities
  • advanced X-ray, laser, microscopy and atom optics laboratories
  • a 5 MV Pelletron accelerator providing source of MeV ion beams in 5 beamlines used in nuclear microprobe systems

Technical Centre

The School houses the Science Faculty Technical Workshop, comprising both Mechanical and Electronics and is managed by Mr Michael Zammit. The Centre plays an important part in the design and development of prototype research equipment for new and ongoing research programs as well as the maintenance and continual development of its extensive research infrastructure. It also provides engineering and technical support in the design, manufacture and maintenance of the School's teaching, laboratory and lecture equipment.


Laboratory Coordinator, Mr Colin Entwisle, has available an extensive manual of Lecture Demonstrations suitable for undergraduate teaching and lecture purposes. Groups external to the School may arrange access to demonstrations upon consultation and availability of resources.


Our Physics postgraduates and lectures have developed active outreach programs including teacher professional development, in-school and on-campus visits, interactive demonstration shows and enrichment programs that are aimed at both primary and secondary school.

Student Services

There are a wide range of services available to students at the University including the Laby Ideas Centre, Physics Students' Society (PSS) and Physics Postgraduates' Student Society (PPSS) for undergraduates and postgraduates, respectively.

IT Support

Physics IT support is available to staff and students including: how to get started, how to purchase hardware, requesting on-line support, news & alerts, storage and back-up, and policies.

Research Reading Room

The Physics Research Reading Room is located on the 6th floor.