Physics Internship Program

Providing outstanding students with a supervised introduction to research in physics.

About the program

Our vacation research scholarship program provides you with a supervised introduction to research in physics. If you're a successful candidate, you will be supervised by a member of staff according to your interests and strengths.

As well as learning new things for the purpose of research goals, the Physics Internship program will enable you to gain workforce experience and the chance to meet, socialise and make friends with students of similar interests.

The internship program is aimed at second or third year students who are considering enrollment in postgraduate studies and wish to gain research experience.

The standard duration of the internship is four weeks, and the program offers a payment of AUD$2000 (equivalent to $500/week) upon completion. Options for longer internships (6 or 8 weeks) may also be available, depending on the project. Detailed information on the scholarship payment will be part of your induction pack.


Physics Internship Programs are available if you are:

  • Enrolled in any single or combined degree program in which you have been able to study a significant amount of Physics.
  • Seriously considering a University of Melbourne Physics postgraduate research program, such as the Master of Science, or Doctor of Philosophy
  • Students from other Universities are eligible and encouraged to apply. If you wish to receive updates about the application process please email

Current projects

Current projects will be announced soon.

How to apply

To be announced.


For more information on the Physics Internship Program, please contact: Stephan Rachel,