Second and third year students

The undergraduate subjects in the School of Physics form a study of the world at its most profound level. These subjects afford students the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the foundations and methodology of physics through both theoretical and experimental studies. Students completing studies in physics will be able to:

  • Explain fundamental phenomena in a wide range of areas including classical and quantum mechanics, thermal and statistical physics, astrophysics, optics, nuclear and particle physics and electronics
  • Solve problems in these areas using mathematical and computational methods and analyse and interpret the results
  • Demonstrate an understanding of a wide variety of advanced experimental techniques
  • Acquire and analyse experimental data
  • Write and evaluate scientific and technical reports
  • Plan effective work schedules and manage their time to meet the deadlines for submission of assessable work and prepare for tests and examinations

Bachelor of Science degrees

For subject information and course planning relating to enrollment in the new generation BSc degrees, follow this link.

Course planning

Please see Subject Handbook and search for subject codes PHYC.