Current students

Useful general information, forms and resources for currently enrolled students (undergraduate and postgraduate).

More detailed information (lecture notes, assignment results, etc.) are on the Learning Management System (LMS).

First-year students

We offer a range of subjects at first year level, ranging from those designed for students wanting to delve as deeply into physics as they can, to subjects providing a crucial physics background for other studies such as the biomedical sciences.

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Second and third-year students

The undergraduate subjects in the School of Physics form a study of the world at its most profound level. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the foundations and methodology of physics through both theoretical and experimental studies.

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Postgraduate studies

The Masters of Science in Physics degree comprises both course work and research project. The Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Philosophy comprises a research project.

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Postgraduate Physics Students' Society

The society gives research students in the SoP a representative voice in the decision making processes and organises social events.

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Student Support and Services

Here are some helpful contacts, committees and societies, IT support and university resources for both staff and students.

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