The Quantum Revolution in Science and Technology

Free Public Lecture

The Quantum Revolution in Science and Technology

Basement Theatre
Melbourne School of Design
Masson Road


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Miegunyah Lecture in Physics

Modern research instruments can measure spectacularly small changes of length, time or energy. These devices use the quantum behaviour of atoms and light to achieve their extraordinary sensitivity, and that in turn is being used to probe the quantum world with ever more subtlety. For example, by studying the shape of the electron we can learn about high-energy physics that gave birth to our universe; by sensing weak forces between objects on earth we can find out about the dark energy force that is driving our universe to expand ever faster. The same types of instruments are now beginning to leave the research environment to be commercialised for the wider benefit of society. This quantum technology promises new capabilities ranging across IT security, navigation, medical imaging, mineral detection, simulation of complex systems and many other topics.

Visiting Miegunyah Fellow Professor Ed Hinds will outline the basic principles that make this possible, the current state of quantum science, and the prospects for transforming society through the technical innovations that are emerging.


  • Professor Ed Hinds
    Professor Ed Hinds, Imperial College, London