Future High Energy Physics Facilities


Future High Energy Physics Facilities

The continuing success of high energy particle physics is critically dependent upon a range of facilities of ever increasing scientific power, and complementarity of capability. The demands for these facilities result from our evolving understanding of the most fundamental constituents of matter, their mutual interactions and origins. The facilities are at the cutting edge of technology, with decades in the definition of their specifications, development of technical solutions, engineering of the technical elements into large robust infrastructure, before construction and decades of operation including upgrades and improvements. The process has a time-envelope of many decades. Cooperation and international collaboration must be sustained and focussed over such periods.

In this presentation, following a brief historical overview of facilities and their drivers, a roadmap of future machines will be provided. It will include physics justification, technologies, required resources and possible schedules. Technologies available for the next generation of facilities will be described, as well as a brief fly through possible useful technologies for the longer term.


  • Professor Geoffrey Taylor
    Professor Geoffrey Taylor, School of Physics, University of Melbourne