The School of Physics hosts a range of events each year - from informative and entertaining public lectures, to updates on groundbreaking research, to completion seminars given by PhD students on the cusp of completing their studies.

Professor David Jamieson presenting at the July Lectures in Physics 2020

July Lectures in Physics video archive

Watch 30 years of eminent physicists presenting historical and up-to-the-minute perspectives on current topics in physics in our video archives.

July Lectures video archive

  • Physics colloquium

    See a range of colloquia arranged by the School of Physics.

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  • Public Lectures and July Lectures

    Since 1969, the School of Physics has been informing and entertaining the public with lectures across a range of topics.

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  • GOSS/Completion Seminars

    Completion seminars are given by PhD students preparing to finish up their PhD, presenting their work and discoveries.

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  • CoE Dark Matter Particle Physics Seminars

    Find out about the latest work of the Centre of Excellence for Dark Matter Particle Physics.

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  • Condensed Matter and Optics Seminars

    Learn more about the school's research into condensed matter physics and optics.

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  • Astrophysics colloquium

    Every week, our Astrophysics group presents seminars on astrophysics, astronomy, cosmology and more.

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