Excluding national research funding bodies (Australian research Council - ARC, Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation - ANSTO, Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation - CSIRO and the Department of Education and Training ), the School collaborates with a diverse group of industry partners , public institutions and individuals who enhance the teaching and research efforts of the School through sponsorship of prizes, scholarships, postgraduate stipends; provision of seed funding for special projects, facilities, equipment; and through collaborations via research projects, contracts and consultancies. We thank our current sponsors for their continued support. They include:

Funding for research and consultancies

  • FCT ACTech P/L for collaborative research in silicon detector technology
  • Herma P/L for collaborative research in projection screen technology
  • Hewlett Packard (US) for collaborative research in diamond quantum information science
  • HREM Research Inc for collaborative research in electron microscope software development
  • Haasz Family Trust for research support in astrophysics

More detail on the School's research strengths, equipment & facilities and industry & commercialisation links can be found under Research.

Funding for community, projects and facilities

  • The Laby Foundation Pty Ltd for support of our Laby IDEAS Centre
  • Australian Institute of Physics for support of public programs and outreach
  • Colonial Foundation for support of Physics Outreach
  • Ian Potter Foundation for support of display cases in the Physics Museum
  • Miegunyah Trust for support of conservation and treatment work in the Physics Museum
  • Pierce Bequest for support in research facilities
  • Melbourne University Cultural Collections Committee for support of exhibit presentation and display in the Physics Museum.