Decarbonising Australian electricity: policy and technology options


Decarbonising Australian electricity: policy and technology options

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The debate on how we might decarbonise Australian electricity continues to be charged and confusing. The policy debate remains deeply contested, although there is perhaps now some cause for optimism. On technology, some support only renewables, whilst others think that we must embrace nuclear or carbon capture and storage (CCS).

Michael Brear will present analysis that examines different decarbonisation options for the electricity system connecting Victoria to New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Tasmania - Australia’s so-called ‘National Energy Market’. This analysis is intended to be technology and policy neutral. Renewables, nuclear and fossil fuels are compared in a system level study that considers how we might meet different 2050 decarbonisation targets at the lowest total cost to consumers.


  • Professor Michael Brear
    Professor Michael Brear, University of Melbourne