Searching for hidden particles at CERN


Hercus Theatre
Physics South


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T: 0383445981

Light, super-weakly interacting particles such as right-handed neutrinos are one of the possible candidates to explain the dark matter composition of our Universe. Searching for hints of the existence of such particles at the current high-energy experiments at the LHC is a big challenge. Therefore a future dedicated CERN facility, SHiP, is being proposed. Furthermore, future multi-purpose CERN facilities such as FCC-ee are being designed keeping high in the list of priorities the chance to observe such particles. In this talk I will briefly motivate the reasons for considering light, super-weakly interacting particles as dark matter candidates, and then describe in details the current and future experimental endeavours at CERN to observe such hidden particles."


  • Associate Professor Stefania Xella
    Associate Professor Stefania Xella, University of Copenhagen